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... english glossary of astrology ...

The astrologers say that gemini rules the vocabulary.

This page of our web site is the geminian part an the airy part. All living things exchange informations with their environment. This is common to unicellular as well as to man.

Let this page be the foretaste of english version of our web site.

This web page is still being processed.

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Afflicted. Unfavorable planetary aspect.

Air signs. One of the four astrological elements. Signs possessing the qualities of the element air, intellect, thought process, communication. The air signs are gemini, libra and aquarius.

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Detriment. Said of a planet that occupies the sign opposite its sign of natural rulership. A planet in detriment is often thought to be at disadvantage. It depends on the struture of the birth chart, and other patterns.

Dignity. The sign that a planet rules naturally is its sign of dignity. A planet is also dignified when it occupies its sign of exaltation.

Direct motion. Motion that follows the natural order of signs. In the ephemeris, the beginning of direct motion after a period of retrograde motion is marked by the letter D.

Direction. A term synonymous with progression. Progression are involved in personnal evolution (as transits do).

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Latitude. Celestial angular distance measured north or south of the plane of the ecliptic. Latitude is also geographic angular distance measured on earth north or south of the equator. Astronomy and astrology use the same definitions.

Longitude. The distance from 0 Aries eastward to any given point that intersects the ecliptic. For example, 15 gemini is the same that longitude 75. Geographical longitude is the distance of a given point on earth lies east or west of the prime meridian, which passes through Greenwich, England (0 longitude). Astronomy and astrology use the same definitions.

Lilith, the dark moon. The earth is the first focus of the orbital motion of the moon. The dark moon (often called Lilith) is the second one. In astrology Lilith symbolizes the mysterious, seductive, sinister side of woman's nature in contrast to caring, sensitive feminine qualities associated with the Moon. Generaly it indicates only a weak stress in the birth chart. But it sometimes in feminine charts there is an emphasis on dark moon.

Local Mean Time. The actual time in a given location based upon the sun's position at the midheaven (noon) of the place.

Locomotive. Marc Edmund Jones identified patterns in birth charts. Theese are seven shaping arrangements. Locomotive occurs when all ten planets are placed within the space of two consecutive trines (240). The planet that leads the group clockwise (the locomotive) symbolizes motivation (the apex of this train).

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Native. This term refers to a person for whom a horoscope is erected.

Natal astrology. The branch of astrology dealing with the individual. The horoscope cast for the birth time of the individual. It is called a natal horoscope, geniture, radix, or nativity.

Opposition. A second harmonic aspect, separating distance 180. A major aspect, the opposition creates awareness, attraction and antagonism between the planets in polarity.

Orb. The number of degrees by which an aspect may vary from exactness and remain effective. The exactness is called partile.

Parallel. The angular relationship between two planets that occupy the same degree and direction of declination, both north or both south. Interpretational emphasis is similar to that of a weak conjunction.

Partile. The exact aspect between two planets.

Peregrine. Said of a planet that does not occupy a sign of essential dignity or debilitation and is not in mutual reception with any other planet. Its action depends upon planets with which it is aspected.

Quadrant. One of the four sections of the horoscope, bounded by two angles. Quadrants are very significant tools in horoscopy. In 1991 the french book, Requiem for astrological houses, had shown why astrological houses have got so many confusion. After 1991 quadrants have got an emphasis in the astrologuer's everyday work.

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Separation. Moving away from the partile. As the planet separates, the aspect becomes weaker. The stress decreases.

Sextile. An aspect of 60 degrees, sometimes said benefic. Sextiles involve either airy and fiery zodiacal signs or earthy and watery signs.

Sidereal Time. Sideral time is not a time, it is an angular distance, the right ascension of the meridien at mean noon. The angular distance of the first point of Aries, or the true vernal equinox. It is quoted in hours, minutes and seconds. That's why it is refered as sideral time. Birth time is converted into sidereal time in order to calculate the angles. Nowadays computers calculate the birth chart with accuracy. But beginners must be in position to perform a simple verification of angular datae issued from the computer.

Significator. In natal astrology, the planet which rules the ascendant.

Signs. Twelve equal divisions of the zodiac, aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius and pisces.

Stellium. A group of planets gathered in a small area of the zodiac. Sometimes a multiple conjunction.

Sun-sign. Every body knows his sun-sign. The sign where the sun was transiting at the moment or the birth.

Synastry. Comparing natal charts to find relationnal compatabilities.

Transit. 1. A planet's movement through a sign.
2. A planet's movement over or in aspect to factors in the natal chart (theese ones have astronomical actuality). Sometimes related to progressed chart (virtual transits).

Zodiac. From the Greek zodiakos, circle of animals. A band in the heavens divided into twelve signs, each containing a 30 degrees pattern.

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